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Michael Lanthier

Michael Lanthier is a Rock music artist whose instrument of choice happens to be the guitar. Michael wields his axe like a skilled lumberjack clearing a dense forest. Check out Michael's newest song "Iced" by clicking his photo and going to his stage.

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BLAST provides a platform for amateur and unsigned musical artists to showcase their talent on a worldwide level by accessing the power of social media. Through Interactive Contests, Networking, Videos, Pictures, and Messaging, you will have access to countless potential fans from around the globe enabling you to reach an earning potential that is only limited by your talent and work ethic.

BLAST’s goal is to empower artists to become the best at their craft while receiving real time feedback from fans. BLAST provides avenues to fans and industry executives to help entertainers improve their craft, business acumen and work ethic. This will lead to more exposure, opportunities and larger paydays for the best amateur and unsigned artists we have to offer. The future is yours, let us help you take it.

How BLAST Works

  • BLAST is an interactive networking platform designed to help Musical Artists reach their potential by harnessing the power of Social Media. Registration is FREE and simple.
  • To register for BLAST, click on the REGISTRATION tab and follow steps provided to create your Profile and Artist Stage or to register as a Fan.
  • Artist are encouraged to create a team (but not required) to help you with your social media presence, create videos, bios, chat with fans and grow into the best artist you can be. You will BLAST your music, stage and videos to your social media accounts by selecting the BLAST logo (Button) on your stage or the "B" on your music and videos. This will bring up multiple Social Media platform logos. Click on the logo to BLAST your stage, songs and videos to your social media friends and fans. Your current and future fans from around the world are funneled to your stage creating maximum exposure and opportunity for your music. Once there, fans will review your stage and music/videos and have the opportunity to review other BLAST ARTIST and BLAST all Artist, Songs and Videos to their social media friends as well.

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